Make a Dream Take Shape with a Chanel Patent Handbag

Dreams take shape and can become a reality beyond anything thought of, as in the case in 1931 with the opening of Harry's Bar. Cipriani created a talk-about establishment, and the rich and famous have been flocking to it ever since. His goal was to serve others as one would expect and nothing less.

The establishment is still going strong and is situated on a canal, steps away from Piazza San Marco in Venice.
Set in a refined scene of luxury, Cipriani´s became an instant formula for success for all future venues. Patrons are treated like royalty, whether they are or not. These uncomplicated elements. such as impeccable service and details to attention, elevated this upscale bar to legendary status.

The Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs proclaimed Harry's Bar a national landmark in 2001. The Cipriani brand has grown from this single establishments with the help of four generations. Each family member expanded their name into a hospitality corporation, synonymous with pure luxury. Their portfolio includes world-renowned restaurants, hotels and resorts, and they just keep growing with more establishments on the way. 

Major cities are sure to have a Cipriani product on an avenue. From London to New York City, the big "C" is recognized for its fine service all over the world. Dining or staying at a Cipriani is nothing less than perfection.

A designer handbag that will be just as impressive in stylish elegance is the authentic Chanel Patent Handbag. This has an amazing hot look in a slick and shiny black patent mixed with durable matte leather.

Besides it scrumptious leather with unmistakable shine, it features a striking geometric puff pattern on the flap, making it an eye-popping design. The patent leather Chanel is discontinued and makes it a chic collectable that is coveted by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore, Blake Lively and Johnny Depp´s partner, Vanessa Paradis.

Simple and classic as the ultimate in art deco chic, the stand out pre-owned Chanel features gold tone hardware with a turn button closure engraved with the Chanel name attached to the modified flap. There may be no "CC´s" on its exterior frame; however, Chanel´s infamous interwoven chain is apparent and can be worn either as a single or double shoulder strap.

Once inside the used Chanel patent handbag, fine grain leather lines it on all sides within. The interior space is more than ample and contains a zippered pocket ideal for securing items.

The authentic Chanel Patent Handbag is one that will add plenty of interest to an outfit and will fit right in at any of the Cipriani establishments.

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