The Louis Vuitton Vernis Red Wilshire PM Handbag is a Stroke of Chinese New Year´s Good Luck

The Chinese New Year will be breathing fire on January 23rd, as is it is the "Year of the Dragon." According to beliefs, dragon years are all about exploring new frontiers and the 23rd is the start of 15 days of celebration.  

According to Chinese legend, each year is dedicated one specific animal out of twelve. According to folklore, all the animals were requested to meet with Buddha on the New Year, and only twelve showed up.  Each year then was named after the types of animals that arrived. However, people born in their designated animal year are said to bestow the characteristics of that creature.

Ring in the Lunar New Year with dazzling floats, marching bands, Chinese acrobats, and of course, huge dragons meandering about in celebrations taking place all over the US. The lantern festival is held on the last day with people hanging their own lanterns in a temple to be blessed, and then stroll with them in an evening procession.

There is one color that is predominant during Chinese New Year´s over all others and that color of choice is red. The ancient fable states that red symbolizes fire, and therefore its presence will drive away bad luck for the “new” year as well as frightening away evil spirits.  

It is customary for participants don this color in their clothing, gift wrapping and decorations.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Red Wilshire PM handbag is the perfect to carry on Chinese New Years and every day afterwards.

This used bag is crafted in the "place-a-smile-on-the-face" by its bright red and subtle LV monogram Vernis leather. The Louis Vuitton handbag will epitomize ultra stylishness by the envelope-shaped frame and fine detailed stitching.  

The gorgeous red bag from Louis Vuitton shows off a unique and chic style that even owners Amanda Bynes, Ashley Tinsdale, Vanessa Hudgens and Cheryl Cole can attest to.   

The pre-owned Wilshire´s front exterior contains a golden brass plate scripted with the Louis Vuitton signature. Leather double rounded handles allows the bag to be either hand carried or worn on the shoulder.  

The used LV Wilshire is extremely spacious for its mid-size look. Organizing belongs is simple in the red textile lining and leather trim.There is an inner zipped side compartment, plus a D-ring for hanging keys.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Red Wilshire PM Handbag is sure to dazzle as much as the fireworks on Chinese New Year’s.

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