The Chanel Black Patent Leather Medallion Tote Remains So Today

There will be times when coming across in high-profile fashion magazines  that a particular outfit, accessory, makeup or hair look on the model or celebrity is retro. This plays an important part when designers create retro-fitting previous looks into a modern contemporize one.

For Spring 2012´s crowning glory of hair styles, it appears that hair designers have no ideas left to develop original and novel styles, but have instead turned back the clock with slight adjustments.

It becomes apparent that many hair stylists have sought out the assistance of looking into past decades that had had the most variety. Nothing can compare to so many unique and innovated hair dos than those from the sixties, seventies and eighties. They are all back and just seem to breathe new life into those tresses.

The up-to-date styles include bobs, upswings, pageboys, shags, and long and flowing, whether straight as an arrow or with cascading waves. So next time when at the hairdresser, seek something different and think about that hair-do of the past, as it is “so today.” If it is too extreme have it modified for individual taste and lifestyle. It is not necessary to get out the teasing comb or laca-based hairspray.

One other retro classic that remains as trendy as ever is an authentic Chanel Black Patent Leather Medallion tote.

This is truly stunning as a glossy shining patent leather shopping tote that is very durable as well. This patent leather Chanel is a discontinued design and is now consider a chic collectable. Coveted by celebrities of this classic Chanel styling includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Paris Hilton.

Covering the front exterior of this pre-owned spacious tote is the "CC" Chanel logo embossed upon it. Turn it around to the back and find an extra large patch pocket.

All hardware is gold-tone. Its name is derived from its dangling medallion. Hanging over the side, the medallion is engraved with the double C´s and gives off an appearance of an antique coin. The distinctive piece is attached to the top zip closure.  

The spacious used Chanel tote´s interior offers enough room enough to carry all personal items and small packages from a day of shopping. Lined in supple and smooth black leather and grainy leather trimming, the inner portion encloses one over-sized zipper compartment and a large flat pocket.

The authentic Chanel Black Patent Leather Medallion tote never has to be modified, as it is in a class of all of its own.



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