According to fashion style experts, a trench coat is a closet essential. Owning this classic staple only makes a fashionista a winner in the fashion stakes. The trench has been around for eons and looks as fabulous today as it did decades ago. Worn by celebrities from Humphrey Bogart to Jackie O to Reese Witherspoon to Michele Obama, it is lightweight, weather resistant and eternally chic necessity. 

Fight off the bad weather days with any trench from the best; Burberry. Their trench coats are never short on signs of quality and will last a lifetime.

While black, cream and navy are standard colors and hard to beat, trendy divas have recently turned to off-beat hues such as purple, crimson or blue in their trenches. Burberry has a delectable assortment and has been in business since 1856. The Burberry trademark lining did not make an appearance at first and its famous pattern was not seen on a trench coat until the 1920s.

Many other jacket and coat styles conceal a lot of your look when worn, even when they are left open. This is the benefit of the trench coat and its belt can be tied behind for even another chic look. The trench coat will always look good when properly taken care of.

The authentic and brand new Gucci Messenger bag makes a comeback as stunning finishing element to a trench coat.  Like the trench, this new messenger bags truly makes a Gucci statement while sustaining comfort and practicality. The celebs who own a Burberry, also have the Gucci Messenger.

Crafted in beige monogram GG canvas fabric and set with dark chocolate brown leather trim that as part of its protective base corners and Gucci name plate on the front exterior. The leather is also utilized with a thicker than average shoulder strap that can easily be adjusted to choice that fits the wearer.

The simple frame and silver tone hardware of the Gucci Messenger bag maintains it’s sophisticated and timeless appeal.

A top zipper opens up the Gucci handbag inside to reveal plenty of space. This new messenger easily carries all personal effects without being squished and will remain its shape.

The inside is completely lined in fabric of a matching beige hue. A welcome zippered compartment is placed on one side of the interior.

This brand new and authentic Gucci Messenger bag has all the features and style expected of the top Italian handbag designer, just as a Burberry trench does for the rain.