Very Irresistible L'Intense by Givenchy is Just One Spritz Away to a Fabulous New Years

2012 is about to arrive through worldwide celebrations, and anticipation is in the air for a happier, healthy and prosperous future. Of course, due to different time zones, the year changes earlier or later in top celebratory cities.

• Sydney, Australia
Join in with one major city that gets to shout “Happy New Year“ first. The festivities are held in the famous Sydney Harbor, with one of the largest firework displays.

• Tokyo, Japan
The Japanese in Tokyo take New Years to the fullest, by prolonging the celebration. It begins on December 29th and lasts until January 4th.

• Paris, France
What is a prelude to a night to remember, the French stand, dance and sing with the crowds along the Champs-Elysees or take a boat cruise on the Seine River.

• Brussels, Belgium
The Grand Place´s medieval square becomes a winter wonderland during the entire holiday season. A distinctive a sound and light show prevails just for the occasion, followed with a massive firework display at the stroke of twelve.

• New York City
Only the “crossroads to the world,” Times Square, offers the most impressive way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Join the hundreds of thousands of others for the countdown in watching the Waterford crystal ball fall at midnight.

Nothing packs intensity and excitement more than celebrating the start of a clean slate. No matter where New Year´s is spent, Very Irresistible L'Intense by Givenchy is the one fragrance that maintains a woman´s presence. It is a favorite of Liv Tyler, who is also the spokeswoman for the Eau de Perfume spray.

The 2.5 OZ Eau de Perfume spray of Very Irresistible L'Intense powers much more punch and is an incarnation from its original success story, Very Irrésistible. Only alluring compliments will follow to the girl who wears this scent.

L'Intense is a tantalizing variation to traditional floral fragrances and is bursting with an enticing aroma. The bouquets top note contains Purple Plum. The sense of smell is imprinted by the enticing aroma in its heart of Turkish Rose and every whiff is enhanced by Patchouli and White Musk.

Givenchy´s L’Intense comes in a sleek and winding modern atomizer bottle. It corresponds to the enigmatic contents, in shades of black and plum, with an eye-catching silver rose emblazoned onto its side.

Very Irresistible L'Intense by Givenchy is long lasting, so just one spritz will last during the entire New Year´s Eve festivity.

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