The Carrera CA Panamerika 2 Sunglasses are Cutting Edge for Style and Beyond

The Porsche was proclaimed the most rewarding road car ever by the world's biggest-selling classic car magazine, Classic & Sports Car magazine.

The Carrera series of craftsmanship in an auto was introduced in 1972 and 1973. It seems that the Carrera short lived 911 Carrera RS. No one had inkling that this car would become in demand and highly valued to car collectors throughout the world.

Porsche has always built some of the best racing cars around, but the development of the Carrera GT is the one that is totally unconventional. In production from 2004 to 2006, this 2-door roadster has a price tag that one need not ask.

There is nothing about the Carrera GT that doesn´t stand out from the crowd and is simply “exotic Hollywood status.”

Through its rarity, either auto from the Carrera series have become the most desirables of the Porsche and are highly prized by collectors. The `Porsche Principal" states that “you don't have to be big to be great, and size isn't everything”

There are too many auto enthusiasts itching to get behind the wheel of the Porsche 911 Carrera RS or the Carrera GT even for a test drive.

The mention of the word “Carrera” is synonyms with upscale elegance, status and sleek shapes. That only means the pair of Carrera sunglasses is tops to own. Brad Pitt, Jaime King, Heidi Klum, and Miley Cyrus are just the bare minimum of celebrity fans.

The new, authentic Carrera CA Panamerika 2 Black 003 Aviator sunglasses are ideal to wear in a super sports roadster, at a sidewalk bistro in Monte Carlo or at the local Little League game.

Carrera Panamerika sunglasses are named after the auto race, "La Carrera Panamericana," which runs across trans-Latin American. They correspond in with Carrera's advertising motto, "Racing Sunglasses Since 1956."

This Unisex pair of shades is featured with both frame and lenses in a striking shade of basic black that will enhance whatever is worn. The eye size for these Carrera is over-sized at 65-11-135. The bridge piece is airy and the sunglasses give complete coverage while safeguarding the eyes with 100% UV protection.

The stunning Panamerika series landed a hit with its formulated and retro-fitted Panamerika 2 from its original sunglasses. Be a part of the Carrera sunglasses rage with a very thin rim around the lenses with its rectangular aviator style.

A brand new pair of the Carrera CA Panamerika 2 Black 003 Aviator sunglasses will embellish a man or woman’s face with the impression of being a self-assured winner on the track of style.

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