Complete the Image of Smartness with the Gucci GG1627/S 791 Havana Sunglasses

Thanksgiving Day, along with all its trimmings of fine food and the traditional Macy´s Thanksgiving Parade, marks a continuance of the six-week period known as the ultimate “holiday season”.

From the start of the fourth Thursday in November, the parade and all its clowns, marching bands and gigantic balloons is always a welcome respite for young and old alike. This is the time when color is splashed and sparkles are used to the hilt to make the dreary grey skies and cold temps go unnoticed.

Besides, decorative changes in the air, the sounds of music sing out a noticeable change with many holiday tunes. Some are traditional, some are classic and not a year goes by without a new album being released with renditions of these familiar and seasonal  tunes being re-mixed by another.

This year, the "hot" and ever-so.young singer, Justin Bieber has come out with his own version. His newly released album is a seasonal blend of traditional festive standards and original new numbers co-written by Justin.

"Under The Mistletoe" is Justin Bieber's concept album and has been given the thumbs up as “impressive singing” and arrangements. The R&B music in this album consists not only of solos performed by Justin, but several collaborations with others. For instance, Chris Brown, who made his recording debut in late 2005 at the age of 16, joins in.  It is not the first time the two have joined forces, since Justin was featured previously on one of Chris´s albums.

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown apparently teamed up with the same taste in shades also. Their favorite sunglasses are the stunning model 1627 in the Italian design of the genuine Gucci´s.

The brand new Gucci GG1627/S 791 Havana Sunglasses are detected as a dazzling and trendy for shades this season and will last through many seasons. Fashionistas will be happy to know that these subtle aviators are not exclusive to men only.  These brand new Havana are just as stylish on a woman and should be considered Unisex.

Modernistic reflections are granted by its bold brown frame, temples and lenses. This elite eye-catching style from Gucci offers an eye size of 59-12-130.

This pair is crafted by Gucci and assured as Made in Italy. Inscribed with a capital “G” in gold on the polished temple, it is complete by the iconic green and red stripe. The reliable and firm plastic used to develop the frames is extremely durable and will last for ages.

Blending in as a classic, the brand new Gucci GG1627/S 791 Havana Sunglasses will complete the “true” designer image any wear would desire in a pair of sunglasses.

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