Allow the Shine to Glow with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Papillon Handbag

Contrary to what is believed, there an advantage to having oily skin. Naturally hydrated, wrinkles and obvious ageing will appear much later in life.

Follow certain procedures to keep oily skin in control.

• Make use of an oil-free gel cleanser rather than standard bar soap. Soap is too drying and may cause flaking.

• Steer away from creamy face wash as residue remains on the skin.

• Wash twice a day only and no more. Excessive washing may make the skin feel clean but will produce even more oil.

• Add a toner that is alcohol free to control the oil.

• A clay based facial mask should be applied once to twice a week to deep cleanse away clogged dirt and debris.

• Use a sun screen even though the skin has an oil base. All skin needs protection from the sun´s harmful rays. Use a sun screen that is a gel based

• A translucent powder does wonders to eliminate the shine on the skin. Use it sparingly over the base. Use sparingly and the powder curbs any smudges for the day.

• Mask away any shine that appears with blotting paper to absorb the sheen without ruining makeup.

• Only reach for foundations and moisturizers that are only oil free.

• Dab on foundation with a sponge to help even out any imperfections or discoloration.

One other shine to look forward to is the stunning and authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Papillon Handbag. This designer handbag has sometime been known as the Bedford. The frame has that slightly rounded and cylindrical look and contains a side pocket on its exterior.

"Vernis" in French means varnish and the texture of this stunning bag emerges as if a coating of shellac was placed on top of it. The embossed LV monogram offers a more discreet glimpse of a genuine Louis Vuitton, rather than the traditional monogram canvas bag.

The beige hued tote features a double-strap leather handle is made with natural cowhide leather. The trimming continues from the straps around the circumference of the entire exterior and attaches to the bag via gold-tone hardware. The LV tote is designed to be hand carried but can fit neatly on the shoulder.

The used Louis Vuitton Papillon can work for all seasons and fits in whether wearing winter white in wool or vivid tints of cotton.

The top closure complimented by a gold-tone zipper with LV pull and is lined in a matching tint of smooth matte leather. It is spacious inside and there is a gold tone ring ideal for attaching keys.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Papillon Handbag will continue to glow and be the one to hang on to no matter how long it is in the wardrobe. It still shines on the arms of Blake Lively, Louise Roe and many other celebs.

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