Ray-Ban Gun Metal Aviators are Part of “The Icons” that will Never Be Dismissed As Old Hat

Known as being one of the best manufacturers of sunglasses, the Ray-Ban “Icons,” such as their Gun Metal Aviators, is one design that rivals many runway designers’ brands for several decades now. They have remained timeless and are always in demand.

Ray-Ban co-produced this cutting edge design with lens maker, Bausch and Lomb, as its very first pair of sunglasses in 1926.

According to Bausch and Lomb, the history behind the Ray-Ban aviator began when a lieutenant complained that his eyes were sensitive to light and glare while on a balloon flying adventure. He asked Bausch and Lomb to create a pair for him that not only protected the eyes from the sun but looked sharp.

This prototype he wore was admired by other servicemen and the "Ray-Ban Aviator" enlisted in the arm forces.

The shape of the frames became an instant hit to those not in the service when General Douglas MacArthur was constantly photographed in a pair during World War II. The aviator glasses helped reduce glare and made it easier for pilots to scan the skies. Eventually, women began to don a pair too and they are now considered Unisex.

A pair of aviator shades from Ray-Ban seems irresistibly intriguing when worn by a woman and an air of the mysterious shines on through. Women look smart and polished when donning a pair of this particular popular style from the Ray-Ban collection. She can even forgo her eye makeup, as the dark lenses will hide any imperfections.

Ray-Ban Gun Metal Aviator sunglasses prove to have staying power because of their unsurpassed high quality. The Iconic collection has long been noted for keeping up with and looking fabulous with any of the trends.

Just look at Nicole Richie, Jennifer Aniston, Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba and Julia Roberts; all who have been seen in a pair of authentic Ray-Ban Gun Metal Aviators.

Not only do they look good when wearing a pair featured in silver metal frame, but eyes provide 100% UV protection and the wearer will always be safe from harmful rays.

The brand new Ray-Ban aviator features quality detailing in the temples, and the comfortable protectors on the ends. With true classic styling, the lenses are in a dark green with the Ray-Ban signature etched in the upper right hand corner.

The new and authentic Ray-Ban Gun Metal Aviators is made in Italy high-end quality. They will outlast anything sitting in the closet and appear as fresh and new, no matter what fashion dictates.

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