Both Jennifer’s Agree that the Tom Ford Jennifer Black Sunglasses are the Ideal Accessory

Fashion may change and become unpredictable, but one item that resurges as a style must that is always correct is a pair of high quality designer sunglasses.

For example, couture high end styles such as those by Prada, Tom Ford, Gucci and Versace, are sunglasses made for men and women that one can never go wrong with.

Sunglasses are just like shoes and handbags; having just one isn't enough to fulfill a complete accessory wardrobe.It is not frivolous to own a pair or two of designer sunglasses. It is an investment in looking great while having the advantage to protect those lovely peepers.

As the Creative Director of Gucci back in 1994, Tom Ford explodes an exciting and dramatic change to the legendary house of Gucci, and led the company to unparalleled sensations and accomplishments.

One such commander of designer sunglasses is Tom Ford. As tops as the fashion trendsetter designer, he appreciates innovative design and technically sound glass and frames.

Riding the crest of his success to Gucci, he initiated his own brand under his name. The Tom Ford eyewear collection was introduced in 2005 and remains a top favorite among society divas and red carpet stars.  His collection represents the hallmark of a world-renowned specs leader with not just one, but two Jennifer’s as  fans

Actually there is a debate going on as to which star is the shade´s original namesake of the new Tom Ford TF 8 Jennifer sunglasses in black. Both Lopez and Aniston have been seen donning a pair of these and the Tom Ford Jennifer happens to be the favorite pair for these two stars.  Both have been spotted donning this particular design on many occasions, so no one knows for sure who it is named after.

Made for women only, the Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses are made in color 199, which is a shiny and smoky black frame. These larger oversized shades epitomize power and strength in sensuously curved silhouettes. Yet they are a simple and timeless classic seen on many Hollywood stars from the past. That is what is so unique in the eyewear collection from Tom Ford. He can make everything old new again.

An elegant gold tone metal piece is wrapped near the temple, as well as smaller version on the tip of the stems engraved with the Tom Ford name.

Made in Italy, the glass portion is a large eye size of 61-16-120.  The new, authentic Tom Ford TF 8 Jennifer Black Sunglasses will be a hit when worn winter or summer or anytime in-between, even if the wearer´s name is not  Aniston or Lopez.

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