Sightsee in Lisbon with the Louis Vuitton Vavin GM Handbag in Hand

Lisbon is an underrated European city and should be explored for all of its charm along the River Tagus.  The ancient “City of the Seven Hills,”  has its own popular story and Lisbon ´s fable comes from the tales of Ulysses during his infamous Odyssey trip.

Ulysses noted that Lisbon was built over seven hills with each hill jutting down to the sea like serpents.  The story continues that a half woman and half serpent was the Queen of this new land. She was obsessed with destroying Ulysses, but he escaped each time.

Lisbon´s Seven Hills are impressive, and today the capital´s rising terrain is a magnet for tourists. As the Portuguese Tourist Board claims, "Feel the Passion" of Lisbon and its famed seven hills.

Lisbon hotels can be set within historical buildings, and along mosaic pavements lined with sidewalk cafes. Hotels in the centre tend to offer that perfect picture postcard image.

The city itself, like so many others, is evolving and transforming with modern high rise buildings. Besides the old world charm, hip boutiques and cosmopolitan restaurants and clubs are popping up across the city.

Lisbon remains proud of its heritage and is contained in many sites that have been converted into museums. Several are dedicated to the Golden Age of Portugal´s exploration and their colonies in the New World.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin GM handbag is perfect to take along anywhere and anyplace, including overseas in Lisbon. It is featured in the durable coated canvas in LV monogram, while offering a more contemporary feel than the standard shopper. Its frame constructs a look of chic and elegant to trendy. Besides that famous monogram, the bag features natural cowhide trim and gold tone hardware.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Vavin has two flat leather handles that lay upon the bend of the arm with ease or can be hand held.

The LV Vavin GM bag contains a large opening for easy access to contents and is generously dimensioned to carry all daily necessities. Inside the opened top canvas lined bag, the user will find three compartments of two sides and a centered one that will keep all items nicely organized.

One of the side pockets has a snap closure for extra security, as well as a D-ring for keys. The center compartment contains an inner zippered pocket for safe storage of smaller items.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin GM handbag does it all for sightseeing, shopping, the office and more. Don´t leave home without it.

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