Match Feng Shui with the Louis Vuitton Yellow Epi Malesherbes Handbag

Gardens everywhere are peaking into full bloom.  Take advantage to enjoy this smorgasbord of colors, shapes, textures, and scents.  The rich colorful contrast of the flowers and foliage in bright yellows, oranges, and greens dance with the softer hues of pinks, lavenders, and blues.

Psychologists have stated that colors and scents can have a powerful effect on humans and one that draws in our interest can greatly influences our moods.

The commercial and marketing worlds have take advantage of this information, which is called Feng Shui.  It is very common to see bright yellow and orange decors in fast-food restaurants where the goal is to keep people happy and energized.

Spas and hospitals often utilize softer blues and magentas to help create a calm and relaxing environment, and health food restaurants and stores regularly employ the color green to remind people of the natural world and healthy growth.

Warm and bright colors are used to energize, while cool colors create a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.  For an added dramatic effect, combine contrasting dark and bright colors.

Use colors in this way to decorate or accessorize in order to create just the right mood in the home, workspace, or daily business.  The result can be a happier home, and a more serene and productive work environment.

Bring "good chi" in the immediate surrounding each day by adding a colorful bag such as the authentic Louis Vuitton Yellow Epi Malesherbes Handbag. This bag is a standout and will be just the thing at for any day function with its classy look and quiet elegance.

Developed for Vuitton’s travel line, the Epi leather can withstand any elements thrown at it and will remain completely damage-free. This is also the one for LV collectors and is a discontinued style and rarely available.

The charm to this pre-owned Louis Vuitton Epi is complimented by its gold tone hardware and discrete LV embossment near its exterior base. It is sometime compared to the Kelly due it its classic and simple shape. It can be carried by hand by its one leather strap. The top flap opens and locks via simple turn-lock golden closure.

Once opening the used Louis Vuitton, a surprise shows up as the Epi lining continues throughout the interior, but done up in a contrasting plum shade this time. All necessities will be safely stored inside the bag, and there is even an open flat pocket for extra storage.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Yellow Epi Malesherbes Handbag certainly matches the philosophy behind Feng Shui.

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