The Edgy YSL Muse 2 Patent Leather Handbag is the Tops to Own

Earrings are believed to be in existence at least five thousand years ever since an archaeological excavation of a burial site in England revealed a man from the Early Bronze Age buried with a pair of gold earrings.

The earring depicts its development from culture to culture over the centuries by utilizing precious metals. Earrings were used for other purposes than decorative. At times, an earring distinguished its wearer to their class structure, religion, or if they were even a combatant.

Clip-on earrings came into the marketplace in the 1930s. Women who feared piercing could now don earrings.

The 20th century woman saw new modes of materials being placed into the design of earrings, such as clay and glass and by the 1960´s designers such as Mary Quant created edgy designs in plastic.

Men entered the earring picture also. Popular male rock stars chose to wear one stud earring in either gold or diamonds.

From on-start of the New Millennium to present day, earrings are more popular than they have ever been. The latest earring trend is a combination of vintage, retro, antique and big and bold. There is such a large variety of materials, styles, pricing that wearing a pair of earrings truly make a glamorous statement to the wearer.

Another top asset is a designer handbag.  Effortlessly remain a trendy diva, while appearing chic and in sync, with an authentic YSL Muse 2 Patent Leather Handbag. This is the one that took the handbag world by storm and is attested by other sharp owners such as Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts, Lucy Hale, and Stephanie Pratt.

The frame is in a large tote style with superior crushed black patent leather and highlighted by matching trim in suede.  It is carried via its top handle attached with rings.

The featured top flap contains a push lock detailed as a modernist key hole design. All hardware including the lock is in gold tone. The back exterior of the pre-owned YSL Muse 2 has a large pocket adorned by stud closures.

The bottom of the Yves St. Laurent bag will forever be protective by its triple bridge, so its leather base will never touch a surface.

Under the flap, the user will find super strength space, lined in suede which can carry more items than required. There is a separate zippered compartment that can easily hold a wallet, keys and cell. The open compartment is ideal for a Kindle or even a foldable jewelry case to carry along an extra set of earrings.

The authentic YSL Muse 2 Patent Leather Handbag is an edgy must-have that will go a long way for elegance.

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