Bond with the Achieved Success of the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM Handbag

Grasse, France may be considered the perfume capital of the world but a trendy company has marketed to new heights for those in the know.  The hottest concept for perfume comes right out of the Big Apple.

Perfumery has always been competitive but the rising star of this project is the successful Bond No. 9. Founder, Laurie Rahme hails from France, and has made eau du parfums  more difficult to choose just one scent.  Bond No. 9 has nothing to do with the other Bond (James) and is named as such because its flagship store happens to be at 9 Bond Street since 2003.

The concept for unique women’s, men’s, and unisex fragrance intends to create a scent that marks every New York neighborhood. The list will be endless.

The Bond No. 9 collection remains a potential endless list of scents and eventually destined to represent every New York neighborhood, whether downtown, uptown or the nearby suburbs and beach resorts. Presently available to the consumer are delicious scents named “Brooklyn,” “Astor Place,” “Montauk,” “Chinatown” and many more.  Bond No. 9 infuses NYC with scents but it doesn´t stop there.

Catching the crescent at Saks Fifth Ave., as well as their flagship boutique, the demand for one of their perfumes is a sellout. They have recently introduced body creams in the same melting pot flavors only found in New York.

Louis Vuitton designer handbags are a staple in New York City and like Bond No. 9, the French company keeps on going with newer and must-have up-to-the-minute styling.

Fitting in the fast pace of a “New York minute,” the authentic Louis Vuitton Galliera PM bag is one that even the busiest will take notice of.  French Riviera inspired in Damier Azur coated canvas pattern, the handbag is simply striking.  It is super supple, and stands out by its shiny “LV Inventeur” plaque on its front exterior. Natural cowhide leather trims with yellow topstitching compliment the pattern.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Galliera is a classy bag accented with flat leather shoulder strap with adjustable buckle and ring attachments, all in golden tone hardware. The base of the used LV offers protective feet too.

Besides its carefree shape, storage space within is more than ample. The pre-owned Damier GM opens at the top with a magnetic closure. Lined in taupe alcantara, the user will find a pocket with flap and snap closure, and an open pocket.

Bond No. 9´s successful formula has found their product on the pages of Vogue. An authentic Louis Vuitton Galliera PM has achieved the same success.

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