Each Day will Contain a Sunshiny Feeling with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Fleur Pochette

Stocking up on sun protection cream for the skin is a normal procedure prior to heading to the beach.  Many women fail to consider that protecting their locks against overexposure to the sun´s rays is just as important as the skin.

The amount of sun exposed to the hair in the summer can cause split frizzy ends, and an itchy, flaky dry scalp; even more so for hair that is colored. Sea salt and chlorine strip the hair color and moisture, leaving the hair brittle and dry.

It is always important to shampoo hair after swimming to remove chlorine or salt. Follow with a conditioner to help strength the hair shaft.

Sun care products for the hair are designed to gently cleanse hair and scalp due to its low ph, and will deposit UV filters for protection. Sun care conditioners are more moisturizing and can also soothe the scalp, while making hair easier to detangle.

Buy the products for the job but keep away from those with harse chemicals.

It is a good idea to do a once a week hair hydrating mask that is applied directly after shampooing and left on the head for ten minutes before rinsing out.

There are intensive treatments available in the marketplace for over-exposed hair that can be left while at the beach and then rinsed out hours later. These types of product not only protects but offers intensive therapy of moisturize.

For everyday use and for those in a hurry, try one of the spray-in conditioners with UV protection. These can help prevent breakage, and contain protein to strengthen and moisture.

Keeping the head covered with a stunning scarf, turban or hat as much as possible is a smart move. Instead, let the sun shine in with an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Fleur Pochette Bag. It’s a feminine, stylish and wonderfully elegant.

The Vernis leather combines randomly three bright and flattering colors in different sizes of attached raised floral patterns. This is placed against the backdrop of the stunning Louis Vuitton burnt orange hue by golden studs.

This fabulous pre-owned LV pochette features a natural cowhide leather strap that can be removed. This allows the purse to double as a clutch and the attached ring can double as a key ring.  All hardware is in gold tone and several key pieces are engraved with the LV initials.

The interior is reached via a zip top closure and is perfect in size to carry just the necessities.

Make each day bright and sunny by carrying authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Fleur Pochette Bag.

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