Get Practical by the Duo of Shape and Contour with a Louis Vuitton Papillon Handbag (and Companion)

Consider a body wrap to get the skin in pristine condition this summer.  Partaking in one should not be regarded as indulgence. Instead  the final outcome is a renewed spirit with baby soft skin.

Full service spas offer an array of  menus with many types of body wraps.  The procedure normally begins with an exfoliating treatment.

Some of the most popular wraps are:


This treatment helps restore the skin's moisture while leaving the skin to feel toned, hydrated, and revitalized. The skin  receives essentials vitamins and antioxidants that are delivered through this luxurious body mask and wrap.


Seaweed wraps are designed to enhance overall skin health. A full-body application of seaweed or algae is placed on the body and then wrapped in foil. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and amino acids, and aid in detoxification by causing the body to release toxins through sweat.


Mud wraps are the oldest types of body wraps in use. They are known for increasing circulation and removing toxins from the skin. The procedure tightens and firms the appearance of the skin texture. Mud is applied and is then removed with hot towels after a period that allows the mud to dry.


Infrared wraps use heat to target areas of the body that need work or improvement. The most common use is to improve the appearance of cellulite and for body shaping and contouring.

Nothing beats a scene stealer like an authentic Louis Vuitton Papillon handbag with matching piggy-back pouch. This handbag is not to be surpassed, as the user receives a combo of a mini and maxi size bags that can be used together or separate. Talk about versatility, as the mini pouch has a link that detaches itself from the larger LV Papillon handbag.

The pre-owned Papillon is a Louis Vuitton handbag contains the classic and iconic monogram canvas with natural cowhide leather trimmings. The contour is framed in an oblong rounded shape.

Both used LV bags contain top zipped enclosures, and flat handles for easy carrying. Remaining instantly recognizable and chic, these bags are durable and weather protected.

The inside of both LV Papillon bags are lined in brown cross-grain leather. The larger version has ample space and will hold all essentials comfortably. The smaller Louis Vuitton pouch is the type of bag to throw in a wallet, cell and keys, when seeking to run about without dragging an over-sized bag.

The body shaping and contouring by the dynamic duo of an authentic Louis Vuitton Papillon handbag, with its matching petite companion, makes great fashion sense and practicality.

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