A Chanel Patent Tote in Floral Pattern Always Stays in Shape

It is apparent that today´s stars and celebrities  take painful measures in remaining trim and thin. As it turns out, the secret to staying in shape is an individual thing and there is no set rule as to what works for one will work for another.

Jennifer Lopez is a believer of drinking plenty of water as a great appetite suppressant when the pounds creep up.  However, once she is at her target, she will eat anything but only moderation. Drew Barrymore is also a devotee to the just eat less group.

Actress Penelope Cruz is known for her tiny stature and incredible small waistline, even after giving birth last year. She states she controls her cultural cravings of sweets by eating foods enriched in vitamin B daily.

Reese Witherspoon is a firm believer in exercise as the secret to maintaining her trim figure.

When Gwyneth Paltrow gets the urge for some sweets, she indulges in a celery boat filled with low-fat cream cheese and raisins.

Rihanna is from the old school in staying in shape. Eat healthy, snack on fruit, and be in the gym to work out as much as possible is her motto.

Carrie Underwood believes that no day should begin without skipping breakfast.  Her meal of choice is a protein bar.

These celebrities may differ on how to stay in shape but they all will agree that a Chanel designer handbag remains the right size for any occasion.

One chic style from Chanel that is the complete accessory to carry anywhere during the summer is an authentic Chanel Patent Tote.

It is achieved in a pleasing and grab on to white patent leather with multiple perforated flowers outlining  the front and back of the bag. This pre-owned tote is fixated in the ideal shape and size and will be a wow factor since it is rarely seen.

Besides the unique pattern, its trimmings, the bottom, and double flat handles of this used Chanel tote are crafted in smooth leather. Situated on the top edging of the trim, sits the infamous golden “CC” insignia. The base of the bag has feet for added protection in keeping the white patent clean and smudge free.

The interior is very sizeable to fit all of essentials that are normally carried in summer´s heat. It is lined in elegant white Chanel's logo fabric.

The authentic Chanel Patent Tote is absolutely a luxurious look for the summer and will always stay in shape.

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