Store Makeup and Essential Tools in Style with a Chanel Caviar Cosmetic Case

There are plenty of makeup products on the market to choose from.  However, no matter which brand is used, it is essential to apply and achieve that flawless face with the correct tools.  Using the right makeup tools is the key to making the products go a long way and is intended for the best application possible.


Sponges are best the best way to apply foundation. Dab on foundation and gain more control to help even out any imperfections or discoloration without streaking.

Eye shadow brushes

Although the sponge applicators received with eye shadow can be used, they do not have the precision of a good brush. Two types of brushes are needed for the eyes.  A standard eye shadow brush applies eye color accurately. The other brush should be angled and used for blending by tracing across the line between the brow and eye.

Blush brush

A blush brush that is round and medium-sized is used to apply and blend. Always test the brush against the hand before buying. If you hair from the brush appears on the hand, opt for a different one.

Lip applicator

For lips, a tiny brush is used to apply lipstick or gloss. Greater definition is apparent when filling in the color. Use this brush as a lip liner too. This technique helps the bleeding effect of lipstick.

Eyelash curler

An eyelash curler is a vital tool as it curves eyelashes upward and opens up the eyes. It makes mascara application easier.

The biggest mistake that many women make with their makeup tools is not keeping them clean. Wash all brushes and tools every month to avoid infections and irritations.

An authentic Chanel Cosmetic Case is the perfect companion to store makeup and tools at home or while traveling.  This essential is featured in scrumptious red caviar leather. The exterior is square in shape and includes the iconic CC logo embossed on its front.

All hardware is gold tone.  A thick exposed zipper is near the top of the pre-owned Chanel cosmetic case and covers the entire circumference. The pull is leather and adorned with a double C metal logo.

The interior of this used cosmetic case has ample room for all beauty products with a few compartments with elastic to store foundation and perfume bottles securely.  All items can be organized nicely and ready to be moved without worry for breakage.

The authentic Chanel Red Caviar Cosmetic Case makes good sense to own, as well as being an elegant designer handbag to hand carry.

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