The Dynamic Duo for Summer are Gucci Sneakers and the Gucci Waist Bag

Get a lot more use out of sneakers than heels this summer. Killer 5-inch heels may be a power punch urban goddess look, but they’re no match for a walk in the park. The good news is that style doesn´t have to be traded for common sense thanks to designer sneakers.

The biggest name in designer handbags also makes sneakers to match their iconic double G monogram for the feet. Gucci sneakers were introduce a while back in all their fantastic beige and brown glory and have since been released in many similar editions. A newer version launched this season is the parachute' lace-up hi-top sneaker. It features embroidered interlocking double G in gold color metallic leather and white rubber soles.

These hot sneakers will help you blaze a glorious path through sneaker history. There is no doubt that vintage is making a huge comeback in running and tennis shoes,  however, the designers at Gucci knew what they were doing when they made these sneakers that will remain  convenient for super casual attire while looking elegant and stylish.

Wear them with ankle jeans, jogging pants and shorts around this summer and even take in some power walks looking chic.

Sneakers are not known to be snazzy but this golden pair by Gucci is tops when matched up with an authentic Gucci Waist Bag. It is the perfect completion to an ensemble, when carrying a handbag becomes impossible and only gets in the way.

First of all, this Gucci is worn around the waist in a duel colored fabric belt in military green and red. It can be adjusted according to desired size via its silver clip-closed buckle. This pre-owned Gucci fanny belt sits comfortably on the hip or waist. Wearing the used Gucci will leave a walker, jogger or woman on the go totally hands free.

Crafted in scrumptious and iconic Gucci beige and brown canvas fabric, the waist pouch is highlighted by its trimming in blue leather.  The pre-owned Gucci waist bag is roomy and has more than ample space and compartments to fit all of belongings for a run on the track or shopping at the farmer´s market.

The front exterior is composed of two double compartments. One pocket on the used Gucci is with a leather flap. The other front storage unit is a zip closure. On the back exterior, hidden away from view is a zippered pocket extending across the entire pack.

An authentic Gucci Waist Bag only makes good sense to own to keep belonging with you at all times and yet remain hands free.


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