Bask in Comfort at the Inn with the Gucci Beige Cotton Messenger Handbag

Death Valley National Park in southern California and Nevada is a place unlike any other in the world. Part of its beauty is the isolation. The world could cave in around and would go unnoticed with the appearance of the terrain.

A driving trip to Death Valley along California Highway 190 is through mountain ranges, valleys and deserts.

The Tehachaoi Mountain Pass, which crosses the vast and high Sierra Nevada mountain range, is simply striking and leads forward to never ending and flat Mojave Desert. The views are extraordinary with miles and miles of nothing stretch before the driver except barren scrubland surrounded by the mountains.

Heading north takes the driver to a narrow valley called Indian Wells with snow-covered mountains. As Death Valley has one of the lowest altitudes on earth, the way down is nothing short of steep. The land suddenly plummets 3,000 ft on spectacular but twisty roads.

When the sun sets in the west, behind the mountains, the clouds will light up red and orange, giving the desert a warm, golden glow. What a welcome a visitor will experience.

The Furnace Creek Resort is a unique fixture to the desert as it is the only up-scale accommodations to be found in Death Valley. It gives the visitor the perfect vantage point to explore Death Valley National Park and bask in comfort. The AAA Four Diamond-rated Inn offers its guests luxury and timeless elegance. Propped up against the mountainside, the Inn contains 66 rooms, including suites, swimming pool, on-site golf, jeep rentals and fine dining facilities.

Carry a designer handbag that is easy to carry and blends in with the colors of the desert. The authentic Gucci Messenger bag features a monogram body in Gucci's signature cotton canvas fabric. This pre-owned messenger bag is based in beige and gold coloring with dark brown trimming surrounding the perimeter and its strap tabs.

The pre-owned Gucci messenger has a sleek oblong tapered shape making it classic and ideal for everyday wear. There is a Gucci name plate on the front exterior.

 The bag features a single shoulder strap in a pink/gold combo canvas and a top zip closure.

Inside, the used Gucci is lined in brown textile fabric and features one open pocket that will fit a cell.

An authentic Gucci Beige Cotton Messenger Handbag is one functional beauty to own. It can be the oasis to the desert as a fashion statement just as the Furnace Creek Resort is to Death Valley.


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