Women Love the Balenciaga 06 Black First Handbag, Including Jennifer Lopez

Travelers’ don´t need to head to Egypt to see pyramids. Visitors can view some much closer to home sitting in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Covering more than 300 ha, Chichén Itza is one of the largest and richest archaeological sites of pre-Columbian built by the Maya civilization.  The numerous temples and ball court of Chichén Itza are grouped in maze-like sequences centered by the stepped Pyramid of Kukulkan.

The ruins are so impressive that a new music video featuring Jennifer Lopez and an original song 'I'm Into You' has been shot recently in this Mexican archaeological zone. Lil Wayne, the rapper collaborated with her on the song. Jennifer stated she was looking forward to filming among the ancient ruins, complete with full Mayan headdress as a goddess. This song will in J. Lo's 7th album  'Love?' due to be released on May 3rd.

Actually, the location chosen for filming in Mexico wasn´t just to make a music video but includes another motive on J. Lo's  part.  Jennifer is working with the Mexican government´s department of tourism to assist and promote Mexico´s historic jewels such as Chichén Itza.

On the occasions that J. Lo wear becomes attired in casual apparel, she prefers the everyday and anytime, year after year, authentic Balenciaga "The First" Bag.  The Balenciaga "The First" Bag is known for its edgy and shabby chic appeal and is part of the original Balenciaga collection that is made in the softest distressed leather.

The pre-owned authentic Balenciaga 06 Black First Handbag is exquisitely crafted as a quality and forever stylish handbag. Featuring Balenciaga´s signature soft chevre leather throughout, it is complimented by aged brass on zippers, ornamental buckle straps and studs.

Carry this used handbag double hand-held braided leather handle or as a shoulder bag by its detachable strap. There are leather tassels on the top closure zipper. Of bag course no authentic First would be complete without a leather framed mirror easily fits into the exterior´s front zipper pocket.

Besides an absolutely stunning design, its interior proves to be highly practicable. Enter into the spacious compartment that is fully lined with fine textile and leather trim. A zipper pocket is found within to secure your personal essentials.

Jennifer Lopez´s latest video will have her as glamorous as a high priestess but that is just fantasy. She, as well as many other women, has discovered that owning an authentic Balenciaga 06 Black First Handbag is easily a reality and practical for style and essentials.


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