Be Unstoppable like Miley Cyrus is with a Balenciaga Gsh Praline Pom Pon

Born as Destiny Hope Cyrus, eighteen year old Miley Cyrus is getting ready to begin a South American tour. She is slated to embark towards Ecuador first and then Peru, beginning on April 29th, with continuing dates to be announced.

By 2008, People Magazine stated that she was the "richest child star" in America earning over one million dollars a week just in concert tours. The daughter of the "Achy Breaky Heart” singer, Billy Ray Cyrus, obtained her big break at age 13 with the Disney Channel series, Hanna Montana.

Her uncommon first name has gained attention. Actually, it was derived from a childhood nickname, which was Smiley.  Eventually, the "S" was dropped, and Miley prevailed. Her calendar is crammed packed, even before her "South of the Equator" tour. She will be present at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards scheduled for early April.  Miley is nominated for three awards, as favorite TV actress, favorite movie actress and favorite female singer.

Style can be a complicated concept for those who have a get up and go lifestyle.  It is no surprise that with her hectic schedule, Miley is a huge fan of designer handbags that need to be versatile. A personal favorite of hers is the authentic Balenciaga Gsh Praline Pom Pon Handbag.

This used pom pon is an over-sized handbag with a more than average stylish looks and loads of space. This chic drawstring bag is crafted from an evenly, distressed leather, for a "worn out look" that Balenciaga bags are famous for. The thickness of the leather means that this is the bag that can take everyday use.

The pre-owned Balenciaga pom pon offers comfortable double rolled leather handles for hand carrying, with an additional removable leather strap that offers enough length to be a crossover. Once the strap is removed, this used bag transforms from a trendy pom pon hobo to a slick tote.

The front exterior features a large zippered pocket with the signature Balenciaga leather framed mirror within.  The detailing of the silver and gold tone raised hardware is exceptionable, especially in the ornamental buckles near the base and studs on the front. The other side of the exterior is free from any embellishment and can lie close to the body with interference.

Needless to say, there is never a shortage on space with this pre-owned Balenciaga pom pon. It is fabric lined and contains one zippered pocket.

An authentic Balenciaga Gsh Praline Pom Pon Handbag is just the right designer handbag for all trendy and busy gals, just like the unstoppable Miley Cyrus.

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