Double Up with Lacoste and Louis Vuitton Amber Monogram Handbag

One of the first status symbols lasting for over 75 years is the iconic crocodile logo. The love for the croc originated at the 1927 U.S. Open. French tennis player René Lacoste wore the green crocodile logo on the chest of his white, jersey petit piqué, short-sleeve shirt. René´s idea came from his nickname, the crocodile, so it was only a natural concept that his popularity on the court and his unusual logo brought much attention to the news media.

In 1933, Rene founded the original Lacoste apparel company. Ever since the inception of La Chemise Lacoste, the products produced has been linked to elegance and wealth for men and women.

The iconic shirt became in demand by those in the know as the first apparel status symbol. At the height of popularity, under the American Company Izod during the 1970s and 80s in the United States, the original ventured from classical white and indulged into all the shades of the spectrum and experimented with patterns. The crocodile was soon seen and marketed everywhere from skirts, dresses to outerwear. After a cooling off period from overextending the brand, the brand was brought back to France and is once more as exclusive as ever and it is certainly hot in Hollywood.

The popularity of Lacoste has been sporting its croc in an endless array of world-wide movies.  Countless stars who don the Lacoste label off the camera includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton, and Britney Spears.

Nothing beats wearing a classic than with another one of the world's most coveted symbols of status and sophistication. Don´t miss out on an authentic Louis Vuitton Amber Monogram Handbag.

The embossed monogram matte-finished is in subtle metallic leather. Use of this pre-owned bag is beyond doubt a statement of elegance. It truly plays doubles by its double hand held leather handle, double top zipper adorned with it double LV engraved zipper pull. All hardware is in soft silver tone.  The front exterior offers a full open pocket, while the back is free from add-ons to comfortably carry close to the vest.

The used LV Amber opens into a spacious fine textile lining interior. It will hold all essentials such as cell phone, wallet, and make-up. There is one large open pocket and a bonus key ring.

No matter the day or time of year, two of the top ranks among the elite are a Lascoste shirt and an authentic Louis Vuitton Amber Monogram Handbag.


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