Follow the Hemingway Route with the Chanel Mini Handbag

From days gone by, famous guests such as James Joyce, Arthur Miller, Pablo Picasso and F.Scott Fitzgerald, have stayed at the legendary Ritz Hotel in Paris. Even Coco Chanel had a permanent suite in the sophisticated hotel and called it home.

Today contemporary film stars and royalty continue to arrive at the Ritz in droves. However, only one patron was honored by having the bar renamed after him. The literary master, Ernest Hemingway, spent many a drinking hour at the bar of the Ritz, and it was one of his favored haunts in Paris.

Hemingway seemed to always warrant an indelible stamp on the many establishments the world over from Spain to Key West. Maintaining their story at the Ritz about Hemingway, it is said that he ordered a drink at this fashionable spot during the liberation of Paris.

The Hemingway Bar at the Ritz has remained the place to be and be seen for decades. The piano bar attracts well-to-do tourists and too numerous to mention celebrities, who dress ever so stylishly, to order cocktails.

Hollywood has always looked towards books for inspiration for their films. And many of Hemingway´s classic books were rewritten as screenplays for the masses on film. It only makes sense that he should be immortalized in an art nouveau-inspired section on Hollywood Blvd. in LA.

Set among antique typewriters, the literary hangout boasts over 10,000 hand-selected books glued to shelves. Even the cocktails at this trendy joint is named after the Hemingway´s novels

Nothing turns heads like in either Hemingway’s as an authentic designer Chanel handbag.

Inspire fashion envy everywhere you go in something that is not seen too often with the authentic Chanel Mini handbag. In rich beige, and soft and smooth lambskin leather, this pre-owned handbag easily transforms one bag into two. Wear it as a shoulder bag or hideaway the fabulous woven leather and silver chain to make it a clutch. The pre-owned Chanel mini is a fabulous bag that has a “je ne sais quois” feel to it.

What makes it unique is the embossed logo simply written as “CHANEL” and garnishes the upper trim of the bag. Another stunning feature is the thick and detailed top stitching encircling the body´s outline.

The Chanel Mini has a top zip closure opening up to soft fabric lining, filled with the Chanel name in matching beige color. Personal essentials will fit neatly within it.

Not only does the used Chanel Mini blend in with the décor of Hemingway Bars, it will offer that subtle edge of class over all the other designer handbags.




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