Get on Board the Eurostar and the Chanel Medallion Tote

There is something nostalgic and elegant to travel across the continent of Europe by train.

The Eurostar is a high speed mode of transportation that travels between two major European cities, London and Paris. Traveling via the Eurostar has many assets going for it that it’s no wonder that is savvy travelers are making reservations in groves.

For those who have a fear of flying, sitting on the luxurious Eurostar guarantees that the body will never be higher than six feet off the ground. There is no waiting on the runway for an undisclosed amount of time and ground transportation to the airport is a thing of the past. A half prior to the departure of the train station is all that is needed.

Embarking in one city and getting off in the center of another is an overall timesaver. Rather than being squeezed in small quarters, the Eurostar affords the luxury of tasteful surroundings and more than elbow room comfort. Besides, there is no limit to extra baggage and it will be accommodated for a nominal charge. Luggage can be arranged for transport to a final destination in advanced. Chauffer service, extra large seats and space are just some of the perks that are offered with the Eurostar.

Celebrity stars that have traveled the Eurostar also include Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, Paul McCartney, Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Recently, the Eurostar has added several more destinations as connections, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, making visiting other nations a breeze and in style.

When traveling aboard the Eurostar, it makes good sense to carry the one designer handbag that sets the tone of travel, elegance, style and practicably. One such purse is the authentic Chanel Medallion. This pre-owned Chanel is in scrumptious brown suede. Ever since the first of the Medallion series debuted, it was apparent that its tailoring was ideal for women to remain chic and polished when traveling light.

Texture-like diamond patterns cover the exterior of this used tote with an ultra-sized, smack in the middle, embossed Double Cs. The back has an extra large patch pocket. All hardware is gold-tone, including the distinctive CC dangling medallion hanging over the side that is attached to the top zip closure. The medallion is just what sets the Chanel apart from other hand carry totes.

The interior of this pre-owned beauty is spacious, and roomy enough to carry any personal essentials, including train tickets and passport. It also contains a zippered pocket and is lined in soft and smooth leather. Any fashionista will be all aboard with an authentic Chanel Medallion tote.


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