Walk Among the Modernists with the Fendi Zucca Monogram Mini Baby Spy

Wherever one walks within the city of Barcelona, the influence of one architect appears before you as if peering into the Looking Glass of Alice. Spiraling towers and enveloping waves of structural edifices embedded with fragments of mosaics and broken colored glass are just a few of the odd designs incorporated into these wonders as iron street lamps dot the path.

The architect behind this massive style of design is Antoni Gaudi. When strolling along the Passeig de Gracia, known as the most fashionable area in Barcelona similar to Fifth Ave., it is easy to understand why this modernist designer´s works of art reign as a symbol of Barcelona. One, in particular, as a sample of many unique buildings designed by Gaudi is the Casa Batlló. This is a former private home open to the public. Besides being an extraordinary example of Gaudi's work, its facade depicts the slaying of a dragon, and the confines of this masterpiece will never disappoint the viewer from top to bottom.

Blends and geometry are totally grounded in any collection from Fendi.  The bags carried by Fendi devotees reinforce the concept of Gaudi forms and the city of Barcelona to great effect.  The Fendi Zucca Monogram Mini Baby Spy designer handbag synchronously offers that touch of artisan and modernist with its scheme.

This authentic Fendi is a mini version of the iconic Fendi Zucca Spy bag but it certainly is not diminutive or non-functional.

Actually, it is extremely well sized without being over-whelming and can be hand carried for daily use. The pre-owned Fendi Baby Spy has not only the embroidered Fendi logo of the world-wide famous "inverted FF" but is complimented by dark brown Nappa leather.

The pre-owned Baby Spy is distinguishable by its woven braided handle and curved top stitching. This only proves that this used bag is a first class symbol of quality and luxury accessory to own.  The Baby Spy is a legend in Italian styling.

The top closure is via a zipper that plays up the leather detailing surrounding it.  All hardware is in gold tone, including the name plate within its interior. Classic canvas inlays the interior while contributing ample space. The interior of this simply stunning authentic Fendi promotes a patch pocket too.

The Fendi spy bag is one of the most popular designs out of the House of Fendi. It is nothing less than chic, stylish, and sophisticated, and matches the architectural wonders of Gaudi in Barcelona. An authentic Fendi Zucca Monogram Baby Spy bag stands out as the perfect hand held accessory to grace a woman´s arm.


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