Two Cat´s Paws Up for the Yves St Laurent Black Patent Tribute Tote

This week it was announce that gorgeous and stunning Anne Hathaway will be featured in the new Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises." The character being designated to her is the sultry and "purrrfectly" enticing "Catwoman." Of course she has not been the only actress to bestow this role.

Catwoman´s premier appearance was in 1940 in the very first issue of the "Batman" comic series. She was a burglar who carried a whip and referred to simply "The Cat."

In 1940, she was re-introduced in the comic book classic as a flight attendant that survives a plane crash but has amnesia and turns to crime.

A visual human version of this character first appeared on TV in the 1960, done up as a campy version of the comic book cycle starring Adam West as Batman. Actress/dancer, Julie Newmar played the role as Catwoman for two seasons and then went on to other commitments. She was replaced with cabaret singer, Eartha Kitt.

The hit TV series was made into a full length screen version in 1966. This time the favorite feline criminal was now portrayed by Lee Meriwether, a former Miss America pageant winner.

Nearly twenty-five years later, Batman was made into a movie much darker than the previous versions with Michael Keaton as Batman. Michelle Pfeiffer starred as Catwoman in "Batman Returns." And finally the last to portray the villain was Halle Berry in the 2004 film simply called "Catwoman."

The costume worn as Catwoman varies slightly between all the actresses. However, one element that rocks and stands out in all the adaptations is the shiny black latex tight fitting suit.

A designer handbag that has the same feel of the exotic, mysterious and stunning is the Yves St Laurent Black Patent Tribute Tote Handbag.

The authentic Yves Saint Laurent Tribute tote is presented in striking black crocodile embossed leather that is slinky and shiny just like Catwoman’s attire. It has a magnetic snap closure with two detailed YSL embossed zippers on the sides.

Gold-tone studs and ring accents hooks attached to the straps are just some of the hardware detailing. The exterior of this pre-owned YSL tote is done in extraordinary top-stitching detail with a leather tag that is numbered with a "Made in Italy" label.  The interior of the authentic Yves Saint Laurent Tribute handbag is better than roomy and ample enough to fit more than the standard personal belongs inside.  It is fully-lined in beige nylon fabric with and an additional pocket, perfect for a cell phone.

It will be interesting to see Anne Hathaway´s portrayal of the catlike character. One thing is for sure, the authentic Yves St Laurent Black Patent Tribute Tote Handbag will fit in the fashion sense of Catwoman, Anne Hathaway and any woman who desires a fashion forward statement with a designer handbag.


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