Carnival in Venice and the Chanel White Cambon Tote

The annual celebration of il Carnevale di Venezia (Carnival of Venice) has been going strong since the 11th century and is among the most famous of all festivals in Europe. Being the hallmark of this particular carnival, masks are worn by all of Venice, including visiting celebrities as an excuse to mingle with each other. In 1978 a group of former Academy of Fine Arts students opened Venice's first modern mask shop.

Venice Carnival masks fall into several categories, including fantasy masks that are created from the imagination. One of the long time favorite that adorned the streets and waterways of Venice has been the Commedia dell'Arte mask. These masks and costumes are based on the characters similar to Harlequin and Pierrot. The masks are normally found in black, white or a combination of the two.

Although the carnival mask is the highlight of the carnival, Venice is filled with many balls, opera and fine dining experiences from February 26th to March 8th. The thought of black and white is an appealing combo in attire and accessories. Chanel has just the bag that offers the spirit of the Venetian masks.

An authentic Chanel White Cambon tote is an ideal homage to the Harlequin, Pierrot or mime. The background of the used Chanel´s exterior is in stark quilted white leather. However, its large finely stitched signature double Cs is in smooth black leather nears the lower portion of the bag. The opposite side from its iconic signature offers yet another hint of the dark leather on its bottom corner.

The black bottom of the tote has protective silver studs, so placing the pre-owned bag down will not hurt it. The starkness of the white is yet again contrasted by this pre-owned Chanel tote with black rolled leather handles. The tote can be either hand held of worn over the shoulder.

The top zipper pull is in silver complimented in hot pink trimming. The interior is spacious and is fabric lined in the same color as the top zip trimming. The lining is adorned with double Cs splattered throughout.  There are two inner zipped pockets on opposite sides if each other.  A separate pocket for a cell phone is in the corner. Even with the three pockets filled, the pre-owned Chanel Cambon still has plenty of room left for other personal items.

Black and white always presents style, and a confident fashion statement. Enjoy the exceptional and unique look with the quality of an authentic Chanel Cambon leather tote in white with black highlights.  Any woman carrying it will be a classic example of pure elegance and amusement just like the Carnival in Venice.


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