The Soho Style with the Chloe Large Bay Tote Bag

Apartment living tends to be cramped with the exception of loft living. This lifestyle has become the desired choice for urban dweller, which in turn gut and renovate this raw space into city palaces.

This trend took off in the last few years. South of Greenwich Village and north of the Financial District, Soho in Manhattan was once known as the Cast Iron District. It was filled with cast-iron lofts that served as manufacturing spaces and warehouses until discovered by struggling artists, who could acquire all the space they could possibly need for their craft. The scene gradually changed from the factories to permeate smells of turpentine and paints exuding from the open windows.

Soho again went through a transformation and its 19th-century architectural potpourri and became a vibrant, exciting hub and sought after neighborhood in New York City.  Its conversion of the airy lofts into a trendy spacious high-end residential zone quickly filled up the rest of the neighborhood with selective boutiques and restaurants.

The residents may have changed over time to A-list celebrities and the affluent, but the contemporary Boho urban art scene remains intact. Soho professes galleries of more than 250 and includes four museums within this small area.

Stylish and functional, the large authentic Chloe Bay tote will give a woman all the room required for all the necessities that a woman needs to carry.  This chic design is featured in fabulous deep dark chocolate brown leather, contrasted with each with two zippers that meet in the middle and with closure by a leather pull.

The used tote opens and closes via yet another zipper. All hardware on this pre-owned is based in gold-tone. That includes all zippers, the stud handle rings and the desirable Chloe name tag. Double flat leather handles to make it easy to carry.

The ultra-spacious interior makes it the one that is highly sought after by celebrities. The interior also offers a zipped pocket trimmed in leather fine stitching.  The lining is accented in a rich brown fabric with subtle reminders within that this used Chloe is authentic.

At the end of the day, a true Soho style with the pre-owned Chloe Large Bay Tote Bag is to have as much room that reflects the Soho loft in a stylish manner.


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