Coffee, Cake and the Chloe Large Bag Tote Bag

The dark vivid color of espresso in the Chloe Large Bay Tote Bag immediately prompts reflections of rich coffee and a few decadent desserts, such as Tiramisu.

Though Starbucks in Seattle may have introduced mainstream America and the rest of the world back to the cafe culture, coffee shops are a long term cult favorite in New York, Paris and Istanbul. Coffee is the brew of choice with many other competitors now in the marketplace selling lattes, and hip deserts, such as Tiramisu.

An interesting slice of history behind Tiramisu is that one does not exist. Instead debates among culinary experts have been occurring for eons, and it is a matter of which folklore is accepted as fact.

Legend depicts that Tiramisu dates back in history to the Renaissance. A wife would serve a piece to her husband to seduce him in bed.

One rumor states that when traditional plain cake became stale in the past, it was revived by pouring coffee and liqueur on it. This moistened it up to freshness and made the cake edible once again.

Another anecdote derives from WWI. A dessert was concocted by women to give to their men going off to war. By eating the dessert, the men would retain the stamina to continue and fight. The notion was winning the war and coming home safely after indulging in the excess caffeine and sugar within the delicious dessert.

And yet another interesting variation on the origin of Tiramisu took place in the red light district in Venice. Venetian prostitutes resided and worked directly above cafes. Between the running up and down the stairs with their clients, the girls would take a breather and order this dessert in the café below as an energy booster. Actually, the loose translation of Tiramisu means "carry," and many believe this is factual.

Speaking of "carry", an authentic designer handbag, the Chloe Large Bay Tote is quite a hefty carry-all in leather with two substantial outside compartments. Those who favor the flavor of coffee will adore the bona fide Chloe Large Bay Tote´s rich shade, and golden brass hardware, including having the logo embossed on a front brass plate. The pre-owned tote has a top zip closure and is stitched to a beautiful finish.

The interior of the authentic Chloe Large Bay Tote is spacious and can handle all personal items that are demanded for daily use and more. The inside pocket contains a serial number issued by Chloe on a leather tab.

The authentic Chloe is stunning to wear during the day and team up with a dress, pantsuit, or any other tailored look to accent a pure perennially chic.

No matter what is on the schedule, complete the look with the pre-owned elegant Chloe Large Bay Tote handbag. Then take some time out for a stop-over at a favorite coffee house.


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