Perk Up with Red and the Marc Jacobs Venetia Satchel Bag

The color red has always been crammed with connotations. "Red hot," "hearts," "red blooded," "red Ferrari sports car" and “red roses," are just of few of the things that come into the psyche. Psychologists believe that a hint of red increases a person´s enthusiasm and stimulate their energy levels. It also happens to be the first color in any rainbow. One thing for sure, for extra flair, red is the word as a fashion statement to knock the Richter scale to new levels of stylishness.

Women can be intimidated by red´s undertones, and believe that they cannot pull it off.  That is a huge mistake because wearing red is a confidence raiser and shows off a woman as being in control of their lives. Even adding a minimal amount of red to an outfit, not only sets the style, but positions the tone of the day to an encouraging one.

Pantone, the number one resource for colors, predetermines and standardizes each season for the textile, fashion and home furnishing industries with by a yearly report of the hot colors. Each season, it has never failed that a tint of red is on the list. According to Pantone, "colors evoke a sense of freshness and new beginnings."

What woman doesn't want a new beginning, even if it´s in fabulous accessory such as a designer handbag by the maestro of classic styling in the fashion industry, Marc Jacobs.

The Marc Jacobs satchel is kept simple so the focus stays on the color and leather combination. Featuring vivid and luxurious red calfskin leather, an authentic "Marc Jacobs Venetia Satchel Bag" is the way to go to get that daily dose of red.  The ensemble in monochromatic beiges, natural, white or basic black will enjoy the instant polish and added pizzazz of a pre-owned Marc Jacobs ageless classic.

This super-stylish power pouch, as it´s referred to in the fashion world, is fast becoming the one to hang on the arm. The authentic Marc Jacobs in red will take you from work to shopping to a weekend away.  It contrasts beautifully with the silver detailing of its hardware.

The pre-owned Marc Jacobs Venetia Satchel Tote has fine top stitching and two outside front pockets with clip-in closure. The hand has a zip and buckle closure making sure belongings are safe and secure. The roomy interior has one main compartment that will fit all the typical items a woman carries in handbags.

Eliminate the blahs and uplift motivation instead. Add the "red" for an instant positive change offered by an authentic Marc Jacobs Venetia Satchel handbag.


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