Tapas in Spain and the Balenciaga Twiggy 05'

As a top couture designer from Spain, among the Italian and French counterparts in Paris, Cristobal Balenciaga dominated the fashion scene in 1919. His initial shop opened in San Sebastian, and he later added boutiques in Barcelona, Madrid, and finally in Paris.

Balenciaga handbags have attracted a slew of celebrity fans not only styling but the workmanship and detailing. A handbag by Balenciaga lasts for years, and you cannot pick up W Magazine or Vogue without a picture of Madonna, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, or Sarah Jessica Parker touting a Balenciaga.

The Balenciaga collections of handbags are varied, and offerings include sleek leather bags or something wild and daring such as the Balenciaga´s motorcycle-inspired handbag group. The Twiggy was one such design in the collection and was launched to fame within a few months of its release, and still remains in demand.

Before shabby chic became hot, the House of Balenciaga used leather in their casual line of bags adding the scrunch, distressed and ultra trendy look. It has only become a must-have and is surely a collector's item.

The Balenciaga line is obsessed with perfection, and many consider the design house a craftsman first and a designer second. The ladies of Spain have remained loyal to this line long after Cristobal´s death. In Madrid, Balenciaga handbags, such as the Twiggy 05, are seen in the evening during tapas hours from nine to midnight.

The authentic Balenciaga Twiggy 05' is a top-notch piece that is perfect complement for going out for tapas from one café to the next to complete the evening´s meal if in Spain.

Back home it is the epitome for the perceptive woman wanting a fabulous designer handbag that fits into any woman´s casual lifestyle.

This pre-owned Balenciaga Bordeaux Twiggy 05' Handbag is made of soft and spongy-like distressed chevre leather in the shade of Bordeaux wine. The bag is accented in brass tone hardware.

The trendy leather tassels hanging from the exterior zipper distinguishes the authentic Balenciaga handbag from other designer´s collection. There are also ornamental buckles at the lower corners of the bag. The pre-owned Twiggy has two handles and removable shoulder strap, thus making it an all-around bag to add a hint of change to its appearance.

The inside is lined in dark fabric and includes an interior zippered pocket and detachable mirror.

The pre-owned Balenciaga Twiggy 05' Designer Handbag offers a mega personality for casual wear and yet balances it to effortless style.


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