Marc Jacobs Ferrari Venetia: Self-Confidence in a Bag

The media bombards us daily of messages: be this, wear that, eat here, become this. Although we have to give celebrities some credit for our clothing and accessory choices, the nice thing about fashion is that we are able to express our own individuality. Fashion is an outward illustration of our inner world, which can be incredibly private and special to each person.

When we get dressed, we are always saying something. It is our option for that voice to be a whisper or a scream or maybe a laugh. One day we’ll feel strong and courageous, while another day we’ll feel shy and introverted. Our clothing does not define who we are, we define our clothing.

Someone once told me that if you’re feeling down, you should try to smile. The more we act a certain way, the more we develop into that person. When I saw the Marc Jacobs ferrari venetia designer handbag, it occurred to me that today I was lacking in confidence.

If I want confidence, what better than a hot red handbag to inspire me? Every time I look down at this beautiful piece of artwork, it will push me harder to be the person I want to be. Maybe I’ll wear it tomorrow, and I’ll take a risk I wouldn’t have taken. Maybe I’ll tell someone what’s on my mind, finally. It can only get better from here.


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