It is difficult to tell the difference between a real designer handbag and a replica. Unless you’re informed and educated by people who are in the know! We are in the know at LuxeDH (Luxe Designer Handbags ) and we want to teach you so you are able to make educated purchases now and in the future.

There are some basic signs that are instant knock-off tells. Uneven stitching is a sign that the bag is fake. Authentic handbags are made with such impressive quality stitching that is always aligned and even. An example where you can see this is often with Chanel handbags. Frequently, the fake Chanel’s have poor stitching that is uneven and do not line up. These are small details that often go unnoticed, it is helpful to keep this in mind and train your eye.

Another tell sign is the authenticity card and serial numbers. On most designer handbags, there is an authenticity card that matches a number code inside the bag. Each designer handbag is original and unique, and, therefore possesses an individual serial code. It is possible that fakes will have an authenticity card, but don’t let that fool you. Knowing all the other tricks will help you determine if the bag is real or replica.

Next element to pay attention to is hardware. With many authentic handbags there is specific hardware that fake handbags try to replicate. Especially with the Balenciaga bags, the bales and rivets are exactly the same on all authentic Balenciaga handbags. The tag inside the handbag is very important. The tag inside the Balenciaga should have a serial number written on the back side of the tag. One of the reasons Balenciaga’s are so popular is because they are made of the softest distressed leather. Most of the fakes are made with low quality shiny faux leather. The Lampo Zipper is present on all Balenciaga handbags.
As you will come to learn there is always more than one thing you must look at when determining authenticity. However, the more knowledge you have, the more likely you will be able to spot a real from a fake.

Marc Jacobs handbags all have a date code. Also, some have the signature RIRI zipper back, but others have the lampo and some have Marc Jacobs etched into the metal. By looking at images of authentic bags on Luxe Designer Handbags you will be able to see every angle and necessary part of an authentic designer handbag. We pride ourselves on guaranteed authenticity of our handbags and encourage you to learn as much as possible.

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