The Gucci Monogram Tote Travels Best When in the Air or on Land

With holiday travel in full force, remember size and weight does matter when taking luggage along. Passengers will find that criteria related to checked luggage may vary from airline.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screens every piece of checked baggage before it is transported to the plane´s holding area. Sometime they need to hand inspect the bag.

Using a TSA approved luggage lock allows the agents to safely open the piece of luggage with their universal key. Locks with the red diamond insignia are the one to acquire. Otherwise any other lock that is on will be cut off and the luggage will remain unsecured.

Forego the checked luggage during a holiday trip by following the carry-on directives created by the TSA.  Not only can a passenger enter through security at the airport in a breeze, carry-on alleviates standing on the long holiday lines at the luggage counter. 

Although some of their rulings for carry-on luggage may seem burdensome, these policies are there for the general public´s safety.

Make it light, as carry-on luggage cannot exceed the maximum weight governed by the specific air carrier. There is a good reason for this weight limit, as the overhead compartment can only handle a certain amount of pounds. 

All carriers do follow the TSA´s guidelines on the size limit though.  Carry-on luggage should not surpass this standard ruling of a total 45 inches (Length + Width + Height).

One bag that can easily store a few extras with a few built surprises, and be carried easily on-board is an authentic Gucci Monogram Tote. This one has been toted around town by Kate Perry, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities.

Featuring the infamous double “G” monogram signature in black canvas, nothing could be richer looking than the enhancement of its black leather trim detailing.   

Its appearance radiates that understated Gucci designer handbag elegance. Its exterior is free of frills, thus making it easy to take along anywhere. The base features protective feet that allows this much desired shopper to remain grime-free.

The pre-owned Gucci tote contains two black leather handles and is interchangeable use as a hand-held or placed over the shoulder.

All hardware is in a silver-pewter, including handle rings, studs and a top zip closure making whatever is enclosed within it safe.

The interior is very spacious and is lined with black canvas fabric.  The pre-owned Gucci tote contains a zippered pocket prefect to secure the wallet and keys.

The authentic Gucci Monogram Tote is instantly more stylish and good-looking. Tendering that and plenty of room, bring it on-board a holiday flight.

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