Encompassing of 40,000 acres of ranchland in California, William Randolph Hearst inherited this prized possession in 1919 and purchased the land surrounding it.   

The 250,000 acre paradise property that Hearst Castle now sits upon was originally known as “Camp Hill.” This was a retreat for family members and friends to “rough it” in the wild and sleep in luxurious platform tents.

The beauty of the land and the magnificent coastal area only beckoned one´s thirst to have a permanent structure of grandeur built on it. 

Hearst Castle was inspired by William Randolph Hearst travels with his mother in 1873.  Only ten years old, Hearst accompanied her and they toured Europe together for two years visiting castles, museums, churches, and historical sites.

Located in San Simeon, California, Hearst Castle is an incredible architectural marvel filled with extravagant artworks and sculptures, marble columns, lavish furnishings, a mosaic swimming pool and all that reflects the overindulgence by William Randolph Hearst, and that of its “who´s who” of guests.

The Hearst Castle Tour Program has just begun an evening tour that emphasizes the bygone lifestyle. The visitor will be able to experience reflections of the estate´s over-the-top opulence. Museum employees in vintage and authentic apparel help recreate the atmosphere of its 1930′s heyday era.   

This “new” perspective of Hearst Castle is available on Friday and Saturday evenings, from October 1st through December 30, 2011.

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