Always Have the Keys Together with a Louis Vuitton Multicles 4-Key Case


The SST Concorde, a high speed plane that is sadly no longer in operation, once has an ingenious system of travelling on New Year’s Eve where, for a small fee, they would take you around the globe for one of the most unique New Year’s celebrations ever. While the service is not available anymore, one can try to get to one of the many destinations that the airline took a stopover in. Here are just a few of them:

Sydney, Australia: This metropolitan delight is the first major city in the world to celebrate New Year’s. It should be on anyone’s list to witness landmarks like the Sydney Opera House to be basked in the glow of the fireworks. The fireworks display is one of the largest and most beautiful displays in the world and the weather is a summer climate; a much relief to the comparatively chilly weather of the other continents.

Tokyo, Japan: An oriental flair of the New Year’s tradition, the holiday lasts from December 29th to January 4th. While one might not be able to get to the major tourist attractions of the city, the streets are filled with celebrating citizens and visitors of all kinds. Fireworks displays are commonplace, as well as music and dancing in the streets.

Paris, France: The best place to stop over for a night that one will certainly remember for a long time. Whether one wishes to quietly drink Champaign with their loved ones or party with the crowds at the Champs-Elysees, something for everyone is here. One special thing that one can do is to gaze at the Eiffel Tower, which glows with elaborate stunning lights and take a close up cruise on the Seine which, while not cheap, can provide one with some of the most moving memories of all time.

The idea of carrying a large handbag is out of the question on New Year’s Eve and only an evening clutch will do. However, the lack of space means downsizing the necessities.

Begin with an authentic Louis Vuitton Multicles 4-Key Case. This is perfect as it is slim and trim and will only take up a minimal amount of space in an evening clutch.

The stylish key chain it is crafted in durable and shiny Vernis leather in brown. Even if the keys slip out of a purse and on to the floor, every key will be accounted for. It is a snap close underneath a flap wraparound.

Once opened, the pre-owned Louis Vuitton key case has 4 hooks in gold tone. The interior is lined in smooth brown leather and stamped on one side with ‘Louis Vuitton Paris.’

The authentic Louis Vuitton Multicles 4-Key Case is the ideal accessory for a handbag or pocket.

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