Survive Holiday Travel with a Louis Vuitton Epi Keepall 50

The winter holiday season is rapidly approaching and that means it’s time for everyone to get ready to go on vacation. Spending time with their families and enjoying getting away from it all is taking top priority now, so most people are extremely busy with planning and packing airline trips. However, with so much stress placed upon one, it can be hard to get some relief when one gets on the plane itself. Here are some good ways to get rid of that stress before one even arrives to the airport:

• Shopping- Before one even goes to the airport, they must first purchase the tickets to the destination. A good way to prevent stress during this is to use as many online resources as one can as well as check with travel agents. The best type of flight to ask for is a non-stop flight as it will lessen obstacles such as missed transfers and lost luggage.

• Documents- The most important thing to do is to check the passport requirements for the area you are traveling in. If one is going out of the country, the best thing to do is to check the embassy of the country that they are traveling to and check if one needs a tourist visa or any vaccinations. Keep any documents and the passport with you at all times.

• Luggage- A worrying trend in the airline industry for passengers is luggage charges. Make sure one knows of all the details that your airline has before checking in any bags as a nasty surprise of having to pay a lot of money for an overstuffed bag. Prevent this from occurring by bringing several carry-on bags and one main piece of luggage.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Keepall 50 has survived as a stylish travel bag with its super durable weather resistant Epi leather in bright blue. The huge duffle style bag is complimented by smooth leather and golden tone hardware.

Its supple comfortable double rounded handles contain a slip on adjustable buckle to keep the handles together. With its detachable leather ID tag, The Keepall 50 assembles a very functional and chic looking piece of luggage. 

The used Epi Keepall 50 opens via a double top zip with initialed gold tone LV pulls. The 50 admits to being large and even has a welcome pocket on its side exterior. As it namesake states, the pre-owned Louis Vuitton Keepall seemingly never gets full.

Lined in heather grey suede-like fabric with plenty of space, it is trouble-free pack away for a trip. 

The Louis Vuitton Keepall is versatile as well as stylish to use as an additional piece of luggage that can be brought right onboard a flight.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Keepall 50 is the one stuff when leaving or packing with all the purchases on the way home from returning for a vacation just like Kate Moss, Felicity Huffman and Kim Kardashian.

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