Have that Polished Look with a Silk Hermes Parures des Sables Scarf

Ever wonder how models and celebrities change their hair so often? One day, they are a redhead and the next a brunette. They have discovered to have that instant change with using wigs.

Wigs have been around for longer than actually realized. It dates back to the Egyptians who placed them on their heads for protection from the sun. Of course, wigs were instrumental to those in authority of noblemen, judges and George Washington.

Wigs have since gone through a complete makeover. One of the most popular wigs, hairpieces or extensions products that are used by celebrities is made from 100% Remy Human Hair. Any product made from this offers various styling options.

The Lace Front Wig looks completely natural and sometimes, depending on style, utilizes special glue that holds it in place. Celebrities, such as Beyonce, favor this type since it offers so much hair variety for them.

Another alternative in wigs known to be fashion-forward and advanced in technology is from the Rachel Welch wig collection. The star´s diverse line offers glamour and is ever-so natural looking, as well as easy to wear. The collection has just about every look imaginable with in-demand salon styles and cuts that are in trend.

Wigs are a fabulous way to look good and promote a new hair look on a whim without taking drastic measures on the hair.

Sometime a head covering will do well. Hermes is well known for their Birkin Bag but way before that and still to this day they are highly coveted for their scarves. Celebrity users have been Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who always had one on with her trench coat and sunglasses.

These are no mass produce scarves and their patterns are created by no single designer. Instead artists are called upon each season to come up with their own creations.  Once a pattern is approved for production, the silk scarf is given to employees in the workshop in Lyon to recreate the artwork to a piece of silk. The whole process takes about 18 month to produce.

This authentic Hermes Silk Scarf called the "Parures des Sables." It was assigned to artist Laurence Bourthoumieux and the detailing is remarkable. The Hermes Parures des Sables Silk Scarf is gorgeous and chic with its black background with vivid colors in varying hues of blue, fuchsia, turquoise, silver, yellow and violet. The pattern is based on the North African desert tribes of the Kabyles and Toareg’s jewelry and ornaments.  

The time is now to add a silk scarf to the wardrobe. Nothing will brighten up a basic black outfit then an authentic Hermes Parures des Sables.

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