Be Instantly Recognized as a Connoisseur of Luxury with Chanel Single Chain Shoulder Bag

One of the most beloved and respected jewelry companies in the world is going to be honored with a special exhibition based on all of their works, that is sure to please fashion and taste fans of all kinds. That company is none other than Cartier, who has been creating all sorts of jewelry for a countless amount of years ranging everything from the works of kings to increasingly unique art deco pieces.

They are being honored in an exhibition entitled ‘Cartier: Style and History.’ This is going to be held in Paris and focus on Cartier’s long and illustrious career. More than 600 of their jewelry, dresses and watches are going to be on display, with the addition of over 900 sketches, vintage advertisements and archival documents there to show visitors both sides of the business. The exhibition runs from December 4th to February 16th. 

Cartier’s long standing success can be seen by the vast amount of celebrity and legendary figures that has been seen sporting the wares. Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco was a big supporter of the brand by wearing at least 20 of the company’s pieces for both for diplomatic and personal reasons will be on display. Other celebrities who have enjoyed Cartier include Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor and The Duchess of Winsor.

The authentic Chanel Single Chain Shoulder Bag is the type of designer handbag that will always make an impression in Carriers, the museum or anywhere.  Just as the ladies above have don and the newer generation including Kirsten Dunst, Lauren Conrad and Scarlett Johansson, it will rate as a definite winner.

The used Chanel flap belongs in any Chanel Collector’s wardrobe and this particular one is a hard to find item. The Chanel single flap bag can take a stylish fashionista from casual days into elegant nights.

The sophisticated classic flap by Chanel is crafted with gorgeous black lambskin leather stitched into the iconic diamond shaped quilting. The flap is paired off with an extra pocket hidden underneath it. Gold tone hardware is spot on and the pre-owned Chanel features a single gold chain allowing the user drape comfortably over the shoulder.

The Chanel handbag presents the attractive and sought after signature CC logo twist lock closure on its full flap. 

The spacious leather interior is lined in burgundy and reveals ample space and a a hidden zippered compartment. The exterior pocket is perfect to hold smaller items, such as a cell, pens and memo pad.
The authentic Chanel Single Chain Shoulder Bag is considered by any designer handbag connoisseur an exquisite classic that will also be in style.

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