Nothing Beats a Vintage Fashion Jewelry Creation as the Hermes Cloisonné Bangle

Christies is a well known name that has always conjured up images of the elite and famous since 1766. It is a place that speaks of high end auctions, including all areas of fine and decorative arts and more running into sales of the millions. Tiffany Lamps will be delegated at the Christies auction on December 19th in New York City.  

Tiffany lamps were initially thought to be crafted by Louis Comfort Tiffany who was a painter working in the 19th century. Research in 2005 into two collections of personal letters revealed that his employee Clara Driscoll, not Tiffany, was the craftswoman and designer of the stained-glass lamps.  

Tiffany started working with colored glass in the 1870′s and made many stained glass windows for churches, often using flowers and plants in his designs. The company was dissolved in 1885 and he started the Tiffany Glass Company and Tiffany Studios.

However it was Clara that developed and designed the famed shades to go over lamps. She was director of the Tiffany Studios' Women's Glass Cutting Department and she and her glass cutters were known fondly as ‘The Tiffany Girls.’ The lamps were discontinued in the early 1930s, thus giving an original lamp extreme value today.

A very popular style to wear around the wrist is a bangle bracelet. It is easy to slip on without ever having to worry about losing it. Just as painstaking Tiffany’s has been with their stained glass, Hermes has been with their high-end and sought out accessories.

The authentic Hermes Cloisonné Bangle is a work out art and will remain a collectable that will only go up in value over the years.  The Cloisonné bracelet series is a perfect example of how Hermes blends contemporary styling with retro craftsmanship.

The pre-owned multicolored Hermes bangle is a gorgeous artisan handcrafted bracelet from the house of Hermes.  It is the perfect accessory for all year long as its background of enamel is based in basic black. The Hermes Cloisonné features hand painted feather motif in red, gold and tan. The entire bracelet and its trimming are in gold plate with the underside black enamel stamped in gold with the ‘Hermes Paris’ name.

The authentic Hermes Cloisonné Bangle is vintage fashion jewelry creation that will get a lot of use. Its good looks and value are no different than that of any Tiffany lamp being auctioned off at Christies.

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