The Chanel Matrasse Shoulder Bag is a Well Deserved Staple that Works All Year Long

Holiday times are the perfect extravaganza to dress up.  Women blueprint their wardrobes based on what is hot, chic and in-style but these two dresses will always work. Fashion comes and crazes go, but some designs do have staying power even with the after-5 apparel set 

The little black dress

Coco Chanel was a woman who discovered the easiest way to make a woman have an image of sophistication, class and taste in the simplest manner. She created the infamous “little black dress” in the mid 1920s, which is a vital item for a woman’s wardrobe, even today. There isn´t a dress manufacturer around that hasn´t created this number one bestseller which has been around for over 80 years.

The wrap dress

The wrap dress has probably been around much longer than the must-have Diane von Furstenberg’s version when it hit the altitudes in 1972. A princess by marriage decided to try her hand at fashion designing, which her friends believed was a reckless move. How wrong were these critics as her overture of this simplistic garment in big, bold patterns changed fashion forever and nothing in dresses since the basic black dress had such an impact.

The authentic Chanel Matrasse Shoulder Bag accentuates the lifestyle of every woman, from cosmopolitan, sophisticate, urban career gals to savvy trendsetters to always-on-the-go moms. Think of the owners that range from Goldie Hawn to daughter Kate Hudson and every celeb in-between. Dress it up or dress it down.

Women go to great lengths to own at least one high-end designer handbag in their lifetime and this is the one that is always in demand ever since Coco Chanel introduced it

The pre-owned Chanel flap is crafted in basic black lambskin leather in quilted diamond pattern.  The iconic Chanel gold tone chain link  interwoven with fine black leather presents an elongated look that can be worn a number of ways.  

A gold tone CC logo turn clasp is featured on its flap and open up the burgundy leather lined bag with ease.  

Everything that is required as pure necessity will fit within and there’s a zippered pocket with the CC logo pull and an extended open patch pocket on the side wall..

The authentic Chanel Matrasse Shoulder Bag will be cherished as a staple for any woman.

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