Emphasize a Get up and Go Attitude with a Louis Vuitton Gold Epi Alma

During the holiday season many people have trouble trying to get to sleep. It may only be temporary as thoughts are hyped up with anticipation of gift shopping and social calendars being filled up with holiday parties.  The worst part is by the time you do fall asleep, it is time to wake up. Nothing is annoying as to feel dragged out during the day.

Like many things in life, sleeping pills should only be used in moderation when prescribed by a doctor for those with invariable insomnia. Using them is a crutch and may lead to a lifelong addiction problem.

There are some good and natural methods that can get a woman back to a routine of getting a good night’s sleep.

• The first and most important thing to remember is that one cannot sleep unless they are physically tired and fatigued. Forcing yourself to go to sleep will often do more harm than good. A good way to get more sleep in this manner is to exercise more.

• Try to get up and go to sleep at approximately the same time daily.

• Stress will build up during the day and come into full force at night by thinking while lying down. To combat this, try talking to someone about the day’s event and get it out of the system before retiring.

• Read before bed sitting up in a chair.  As you begin to feel the eyes heavy, shut the book, head to bed, out the lights and sleep.

Energize a wardrobe with an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Alma. This is just the bag that is ideal for work and play.  Celebrity users include Kristin Dunst, Claudia Jordan and Camilla Belle.

It is as durable as one could ever find in a handbag by its signature Epi leather in sun shining gold. As with the Epi collection, the only indication, besides its signature grained leather, is an embossed LV near the base of the bag.
The handbag is further intensified by its smooth leather trim and doubled rolled hand held handles.   

This pre-owned Alma tote will present its user instant notice of owning a stylish designer handbag that has been a classic since the 1930s. Gain plenty of status by its embossed LV at the bottom corner of the exterior.
All hardware is gold-tone including the padlock and top double zip closure´s engraved pull.

The interior is nothing short of roomy and is lined in gold plush Alcantara.   All necessities will be safely secured inside the bag and there is even an open pocket for storage.

Stay awake during the day with the bright and authentic Louis Vuitton Gold Epi Alma on your arm.  It is functional, chic and emphasizes itself with get up and go.

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