Designers have been going crazy with prints and patterns that past few seasons. Once again, patterns are all the rage, so get the lowdown and help get the look with their hot picks.

To get a jump start as to what´s hot check out any major department store and see for yourself. Steamy African prints on simple shapes are a chic option to update a wardrobe. This fall ushered in animal prints in a variety of new designs and edginess.

Animal prints are an enduring preference for women, but this time instead of just brown and beige leopard spots and black and white zebra stripes, designers have gotten creative by introducing other species to their vast jungle fever collect. Animal prints can be found in nearly every type of apparel including tops, socks and even handbags.

The authentic Chanel Giraffe Print Accordion Bag takes that animal influence up a notch.  This purse will fit in Gstaad, Switzerland or having lunch at Le Cirque in NYC. Make it a chic ‘out of Africa’ collectable in your wardrobe.

Besides its wild faux giraffe print fabric in brown and beige, this cute and petite bag is a super rare and functions with that edginess that many women desire. The pre-owned Chanel is simply stunning by its angular rectangular frame that offers plenty of visual interest. The faux fur fabric is textured in pony hair to give a unique appearance.

 Brown detailed stitching is utilized ppn the exterior of the Chanel designer bag.  It is flap based with a gold tone rectangle turn clasp. The clasp is engraved with the Chanel name and is sometimes called the “Mademoiselle” turn lock named for Coco Chanel.

The double straps are as in a traditional and classic Chanel flap of gold tone chain link interwoven with brown leather.  

This pre-owned up-to-the-minute animal instinct Chanel Accordion Bag is inspired by the timeless and yet super trendy design. It looks as animal prints are here to stay, so the bag will always remain up-to-the-minute.

Unclasp and flip open the flap and the used Chanel Bag reveals a spacious interior that acts just like an accordion when items are placed inside. It is completely lined in brown leather and contains a single open pocket on one wall.

Lea Michaels enjoys the Chanel Accordion Bag and utilizes her fashion sense by pushing the envelope with plenty of style. Do the same with an authentic Chanel Giraffe Print Accordion Bag this winter.