The Chanel Double Chain Vintage Flap is a Simple Solution to Style

There are many popular types of footwear out there on the market that are just crying to be worn by women. However, there’s no point in arguing the fact that the most widespread type of women’s shoe is the high heel. However, while it may be able to create a great impression and a wonderful look, high heels can also be very painful on the feet.

While some might say that a simple solution to the problem would be to wear flat shoes, they often don’t appear quite as striking or as interesting as high heels do. However, wear them only in moderation as long term problems can occur with over use.

• The height of the heels can cause the tendons in the foot to shorten, with a particular effect on the Achilles tendon.
• The heels that are the most problematic are the heels that are more than 2 inches and have a very small toe box. They are ones with the weakest support for feet.
• Stack heels are somewhat better, as they provide better support.
• Heels are fine at social events but if one is planning on performing an activity that involves a lot of movement, another type of shoe might be more appropriate.

Since its introduction by Coco Chanel, there has been one basic shape to the flap but crafted many sizes and colors.

Hit the heights with an authentic Chanel Double Chain Vintage Flap. This is the “new old glamour” but with a modern twist that Jessica Biel and Uma Thurman love.

The Chanel double flap exudes sophistication and elegance and can be dress down or up. It is not only versatile but one sound investment as an accessory. Black quilted lambskin leather in a diamond pattern is crafted throughout this classic flap. Its trim is in white which is perfect for the black and white staples in a wardrobe. Even the back exterior pocket is trimmed in white leather piping.

Chanel bags are instantly recognizable by their famous gold chain link strap interwoven with black leather. This one has two chains in a hand-held length.  The pre-owned Chanel purse´s offers the distinctive CC logo turn clasp in gold tone on its flap.

The interior of the used Chanel double vintage flap handbag is lined in black leather with a zippered pocket on the side wall.

An authentic Chanel Black Double Chain Vintage Flap is pure couture that works great with whatever is worn.

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