There are many inventions coming up that easily has one imagining that they are in a science fiction wonderland. One of these inventions is the clothes in a can, which takes the concept of making your own clothes to a new level.

The creation of Dr. Manuel Torres, the “Fabrican” is set to revolutionize the garment industry. The Fabrican is a simple spray on solution that one applies to the skin to create clothes. The time of creation varies on the article of clothing (a simple T-shirt can take a little under 15 minutes to make) and all of them can be washed and worn again just like a normal piece of clothing.

While this may seem something like out of “Futurama,” this is all very real. The Fabrican works by connecting tiny fibers with a binding polymer and a solvent that brings them together. This is how the clothes spray on the skin and it is truly something to be amazed by.

This was a labor of love for Dr. Torres who spent over 10 years of his life perfecting the formula for it in an attempt to create cheap and easily wearable clothing. Items such as spray on bandages are now being tested. Reports have shown that the clothes are very comfortable and feel just like the real thing, so everyone should get ready to expect this wonder product on stores soon.

With its good looks and stunning appearance, another labor of love by Marc Jacobs for cutting edge is an authentic Louis Vuitton Vert Borneo Epi Cluny.

The Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny always appears modern and fresh. It is framed as a bucket that is never boring. Crafted in the durable Epi textured leather in green, the pre-owned Cluny will jazz up a basic black outfit.  It is the bag that can go casual or smart business.

An embossed LV monogram appears at the bottom corner of the exterior.  Fans of the Epi include Kirsten Dunst and Kelly Rutherford.

The Cluny has gold tone hardware and smooth leather trim. A twist clasp gold tone closure engraved with the Louis Vuitton name sits over the smooth leather flap top opening. The flat shoulder strap is in smooth leather and is adjustable giving a variety of options to how it is worn.

The interior’s lining of the used LV Cluny is based in gray Alcantara fabric. It is a roomy edition for diva’s who require space.  There is an open side wall pocket for organization. A d-ring is within perfect for holding and locating keys.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vert Borneo Epi Cluny is a considered a collectable and definitely makes this chic and edgy handbag stand above the rest.