The “performing” bug hit Stacy Ann Ferguson right from the start. As a child actress at age nine, she appeared in more first-run episodes of the television show "Kids Incorporated" in 1984. The show also was the stepping stone in which she was a member of the female trio "Wild Orchid."

It wasn´t until her successful stint with the singing sensation group, "Black Eyed Peas" that Sarah became known as "Fergie." She originally was invited to participate with the group in one song, "Hey Mama". The group was taken aback by her talent and performance, that she became an instant member of the band bring the group into the top ten chart with their singles and albums.

Fergie has proved that she is a multi-talented force and is known for her success as a singer-songwriter, and as a promising fashion designer and actress. She also names in 2008 as a spokesperson for "MAC" cosmetics.

Even though she has had the ups and downs with some high profile personal issues, the budding entertainer seems to have gotten back on track to a promising future.

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