A kind of nostalgia and thrill beholds traveling across the continent of Europe by train. Best of all is the comfort and a full range view. Prior to the jet age, train travel was the most elegant way to travel and has made a huge comeback.

Experience 1st class service with the Eurostar train. From London to Paris, Brussels or Disneyland Paris, a ride aboard is sure to be a memorable one. Train travel is a wonderful option for those who have a fear of flying. The highest point off the ground at any time is six feet.

Train travel works well for families also, as no one in the party is restricted from moving around to stretch the legs from the ample room a train car provides.

There is no waiting on the runway for an undisclosed amount of time prior to takeoff, and departing directly from a city center means no costly transportation to and from the airport. The Eurostar can be boarded up to a half hour before departure.

The Eurostar allows the luxury of tasteful surroundings with 3 classes of service; Standard, Leisure Select and Business Premier. Seating arrangements in all classes are assigned upon reservations.

There is no limit to having an extra bag or two, and the train personnel will be accommodated for an additional charge. Luggage can even be pre-transported prior to departure and waiting at a hotel of the destination.

Travel to Paris or London in style with a Chanel classic that would make Coco proud with an authentic Chanel Jumbo Flap in black patent leather.

Just in time, for travel, work or an elegant dining experience, the used Chanel Jumbo flap fits right in to carry all that is needed for any get-away in style.

Make an oversize statement with the iconic flap that is crafted in top of the line patent containing the signature boxy frame and open pocket on its back side.

The pre-owned Chanel jumbo flap features the traditional elegant chain and interwoven patent leather that transform from a single or double shoulder strap just by adjusting its length.

A Chanel is never a Chanel without its signature gold tone turn-lock closure in the legendary “CC.”

The inside contains smooth black lambskin leather lining. The jumbo matches its name and can easily hold all necessities.  There is a side zipper pocket ideal for storing keys or a cell.

The Chanel Jumbo Flap can do the Continental hop aboard the Eurostar in upmost style.