When it comes to casual, the easiest answer to grab from the closet is a pair of jeans.  This top staple in a woman´s wardrobe works  perfectly for most of the year.

The only problem is that they just do not seem appropriate for summer, especially in areas that high temps are the norm. The darker shades of denim are just too heavy for the summertime.

A natural alternative would be cotton or linen slacks, and although cool, they tend to pose their own set of problems since they wrinkle easily. Non-natural fabrics, such as polyester, just become non-breathable and hot.

One versatile option for those who cannot give up their dose of jean therapy is white jeans. White jeans use denim fabric that is lighter in weight than standard denim. They light color will reflect the sun´s rays away and won’t soak up heat like darker fabrics.  Even on the hottest day when wearing white jeans, the body will remain cool and comfortable.

Like their darker and heavier counterparts, jeans can easily work into any day or evening event.

Wear a white tee, a stunning designer handbag, trendy piece of jewelry and a pair of stylish sandals, and a woman will be all set for a day´s outing.

Create some pizzazz by choosing a sheer top with a camisole underneath for the evening.  Add heels and earrings for a hip, chic look others will be dying to duplicate.

A sophisticated touch to white jeans is with use of an authentic Chanel Caviar Mandarin Bowling Bag. This treasure from the Chanel Caviar collection is a chic logo designer handbag that is gracefully framed, making it ideal to use anywhere this season.

It is quilted in the traditional Chanel diamond shaped pattern and has an open pocket on the back exterior.  The hand-carry Chanel Caviar has two rolled handles providing ease of handling.

As always, the favorite signature from the House of Chanel is a large iconic "CC" logo, which is embossed on its front. All hardware is in polished gold, including the top zipper closure with a pull containing the Chanel name etched in and protective feet on its base.

The roomy interior of the used Chanel Caviar tote is based in blending beige textile and has enough room for a wallet, keys, small packages and assorted personal effects.

Upgrade any pair of white jeans to a pinnacle by taking along an authentic Chanel Caviar Mandarin Bowling Bag as their companion.