The European Grand Prix edition of the Formula 1 race series took place this past weekend in Valencia, Spain. The weather was hot, the cars fast and the city of Valencia is providing at a rapid rate it is a first class metropolis.

The Water of Valencia (also known as "Aqua de Valencia") is a popular drink served during the summer month that has absolutely nothing to do with water. It is a combination cocktail made up of orange juice, vodka, gin and white wine. It is potent and has become a favorite summertime beverage in Spain.

No one is certain as to when this drink was truly developed, but one story circulating is being taken as fact. Sometime between 1956 to the late 1960s, Gil Constant Rodriguez, an artist residing in Valencia, was a proprietor of a brewery that served drinks to visitors. Three men from the north, who worked seasonally in  southern Spain each year, always stopped in at Gil´s establishment before continuing their journey.

They boosted about their town having best alcoholic beverage ever. Gil was very proud of Valencia and told them "Aqua de Valencia" would surpass their drink or any other town´s, anytime.

Gil served this made-on-the-spot drink to rave reviews. The potent drink became well-known but was served only to patrons of his establishment. It was not until the 1970s that it made its debut to the masses in the Valencia region and is available in nearly every restaurant and café.

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